Tuesday, May 31, 2005


...and welcome to my blog.

I hope to provide you information about communities and community building as a solution to many of the ecological, economic and social problems we are facing in the realm of sustainability. My interest in this was peaked (no pun intended) as I read the transcripts from The First Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions sponsored by The Community Solution. This perspective was a ray of hope for me in a cloud of despair and gave me something to work towards.

Since then I have been exploring ways of engaging in and with communities and would like to share what I have been learning. I started off by considering what it would take to start an intentional community, and am reading the bible of this genre titled Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian, a resident of Earthhaven and an editor of Communities magazine.

This led me to wonder if I could create a career serving ICs, and I explored getting a Green MBA at the North Bay Campus of the New College of California in order to do this. My research about this possibility has led me to broaden and deepen the question to how could I serve communities in general as we transition to a new reality in the post-oil age.

I also see the need for organizations to make this transition as well, and consulting with them about their sustainability, like Natural Logic, for example, is another path that I might pursue.

I am just beginning my journey, and have a lot to explore and learn. I will record my experience here and invite you to join me.