Sunday, November 27, 2005

PTF's trip to New Orleans

The crew over at the Path to Freedom have written up their experiences about their trip to New Orleans to help friends and relatives with clean up. It was a very sobering piece.

Several hours or so later with buckets, shovels, a rake, gallons of bleach, and garbage bags piled high in the back of the rented minivan, we arrived at Lester’s home, donned gloves and masks and plunged into work. His home is quite big and we literally attacked each room. We were determined to get the muddied, molded and waterlogged furniture, appliances and stuff out of the house and onto the curb. Having a deadline of only a few days to work kept us moving even as the stench permeated into our brains with a dull headache, the waterlogged carpets and slime soaked floors threatened to spill us with one misstep and the itchy masks formed prickly goatees of sweat on our faces.
The end by relfecting that Los Angeles, indeed the world, has its own "big one" that looms--are we really ready to be without power, water and infrasturcture?
For those who want not to just read about peak oil or the end of the world scenarios – go to New Orleans and find out first hand. Reading in the comfy of your surroundings is one thing; living the nightmare is another.

May the courageous people of New Orleans persevere, and may the rest of us never have to face what they are facing.

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