Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two new resources

Aaron Nuline posted a comment in January recommending an introduction to peak oil resource and I have just now gotten to viewing it and checking out his blog. I recommend both and will be adding them to my list.

The introduction is a 13 minute video called the Real Oil Crisis and it was made in Australia but is very accessible. I had a problem with the buffering so I put it on mute to let it load once and then viewed the whole thing. It gets a lot across in a short amount of time, and effectively mixes explanatory images with the talking heads. Nuline reviews it here.

Nuline's blog, Powering Down, is "a discussion on peak oil with an emphasis on RELOCALIZATION as a response for North Carolina and the greater Southeast." His interests include urban homesteading and he has implemented important changes in his household. But the best parts are his long thoughtful posts, written simply and with concrete examples that make his concepts come alive. Check him out!


TimofSuburbia said...


Thanks for the video link. I've added it to my Webjay playlist.

Liz Logan said...

You're very welcome!