Monday, April 24, 2006

DC Petrocollapse Conference

With speakers from Global Ecovillage Network, Energy

Preparedness, & Community Solution;
Richard Heinberg, "Powerdown: Options and Actions for a

Post-Carbon World;" Joel Salatin, organic
farmer & author of "You Can Farm;"

music, films & much more
A conference
all people
should attend!!

The DC Petrocollapse

Surviving Peak Oil: Economic Doom or


Culture Change and

Sustainable Living

Saturday May 6 * 9 am - 7 pm

All Souls Church * 16th
Harvard Streets, NW
Washington DC
near Adams Morgan (Red) or

Columbia Heights (Green) Metro Stations * Directions


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The sudden effects of perpetual oil shortage are likely to strike
within the next three years. Are we prepared? Sponsored by Culture
Change, the DC PetroCollapse Conference will present the facts behind
the hype about Peak Oil, explore the root factors of our present
"oil-addicted" condition, and envision the strategies that we need to
bypass unhelpful institutional barriers and achieve post-Peak Oil
economic sustainability.

Experts on peak oil and the geological depletion of oil reserves, and
advocates for small-scale agriculture, alternative energy and local
sustainable economics will discuss "petrocollapse," the imminent
failure of the petroleum infrastructure to continue to provide the
myriad goods and services that our consumer economy has grown
accustomed to. Multimedia presentations and multiple films will
demonstrate solutions to
the audience.

Albert Bates,
Global Ecovillage Network

Diana Leafe Christian, Communities Magazine
Richard Heinberg,

Powerdown: Options and

Actions for a Post-Carbon World
Jan Lundberg,

Mark Rabinowitz, Permatopia
Michael Kane,
From the Wilderness
Joel Salatin, PolyFace Farms

You Can Farm

Faith Morgan & Pat Murphy,
Community Solution

David Room,
Energy Preparedness

John Darnell, PhD Energy Advisor
Jenna Orkin, Moderator


World Trade Center Environmental Organization


Register online via PayPal at

Registration cost of $100 pays for lunch
and attendance at special noontime press conference.

Scholarships, work exchange arrangements, and "sliding scale" discounts are available

for students, activists, and others. Everyone will be accomodated! Send
us an email with details of your situation, and/or what time or energy
you may have for volunteer activity for the conference. Send to

Contact conference coordinator Ethan Genauer if you have any problems registering OR for more details by email at :

For more info, see

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