Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sustainability Open Space Asheville

June 26th Chris Weaver opened the space for a new network to form for those who felt called to come together to discuss sustainability from the Asheville, NC area. He sponsored an Open Spaces Technology workshop with the theme of "Transforming ourselves and our Culture to Dynamic Sustainability."

In an open space meeting the folks that show up set the agenda. There was a wide range of topics, including:

  • collaborative art, art activism, beauty
  • nuclear transport
  • educating and integrating the poor
  • water catchment and conservation, urban homesteading
  • growing medicinal plants, making a living on the land in the city
  • transforming the public school system, sustainable regional transportation
  • green burial
  • creating an event in Asheville like Portland's City Repair
  • using cloth grocery bags
  • creating an Asheville intentional community group
  • preparing for peak oil
  • teen pregnancy
  • meaningful inclusion of the racial and ethnic experience

People went to break out sessions that they were drawn to and had discussions that were recorded and then bound into a book of proceedings. Now everyone has a record of what went on, who was where, and how to get in touch with them. We gathered in a large Circle at openings and closings, passed the talking stick, and danced the spiral dance. Through intensive listening and inspired speaking a community was born.

Chris envisions SOS Asheville to be a space for community people and organizations to connect, supported by a Council of Leaders. If all goes well, this group could be a prototype for other SOS Community regional groups. Maybe we will see on in Atlanta.

The group will have a web presence at http://SOSAsheville.wordpress.com/. Keep an eye on them as I predict good things will be happening!


Anonymous said...

hey liz!

thanks for linking to the sos asheville weblog, and thank you for your presence at the event and workshop. i am inspired by your direction and look forward to many more connections...

chris weaver

Liz Logan said...

Hi Liz, I'm a retired secondary teacher with the married name of Liz Logan, it was unusual to see we have the same name and occupation.

انفجن said...

thanks for the link liz and god luck