Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post Carbon Institute joins Transition United States

In their recent newsletter, the Post Carbon Institute said:
We are excited to announce that Post Carbon Institute has launched a partnership with Transition United States to continue to inspire and support communities as they shift quickly away from dependence on fossil fuels. The challenges we now face as a result of peak oil and climate change require all the collaboration and coordination we can muster. Rather than have two similar but distinct efforts to aid citizens as they prepare for a post carbon world, we are pleased to work together with the Transition movement, which has been hugely successful in establishing relocalization projects around the world.
I have been hoping that this would happen! Because this means that folks won't have to choose between and Meetup groups and Transition Towns. We'll be able to coordinate our work.

Speaking of which, I have joined Transition Georgia on the social network site. My understanding is that Les Squires set up a Transition website for each of the 50 states. It's a great place to connect, so go sign up!

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