Saturday, June 04, 2005

Go pop a bag of popcorn

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Here are three movies that you won't want to miss. The first two you can get to by clicking on the links. We'll start with The Meatrix, with more references to The Matrix. (And if you missed the link to the blue pill yesterday, go back and check it out!)

The second is Store Wars starring Cuke Skywalker.

And finally, FX network's Oil Storm will air Sunday at 8:00PM and 10:00PM, and then Monday at 8:00PM and 11:00PM.

Oil Storm will look at a series of natural and man-made disasters which interrupt the flow of oil to the United States, creating a huge set of crises and dramatically changing our way of life. Oil Storm changes the form of the traditional disaster movie, as it will be designed to be an accurate, thought-provoking and serious portrayal of what would potentially happen in the event of if oil production to America was halted.

I hope that this film will spur the public dialogue about peak oil. I know the sustainable community will have lots to say about it. I will be commenting on it and I invite and welcome your comments as well.


Jay Denari said...

Hi, Liz,

Yeah, I saw "Oil Storm" last night. Lousy film, but typical of Fox, with all of its unanswered questions and avoidance of real issues.

I wrote about it in my blog, so I won't go into a lot of detail here, except to say that what the movie was missing is what's important to figure out.

Anonymous said...

hi liz,

do you know when it will be aired again???? or if we can rent it??? m.l.

Liz Logan said...

I just read that it will be airing again, but didn't see anything on the FX site.