Friday, June 17, 2005

soul food

I've got two sites for your to bookmark for the next time you are in the mood for a bit of on-line adventure.

Re-earthing the Cities is the fruition of a life-long love affair with the natural world by Margaret RainbowWeb. She is an Earth-mother who has transformed her tiny urban space into a Garden of Eden, drawing on the lessons she learned growing up during WWII in England. Her pages are both spiritual and practical, and definitely inspiring.

I was trained as a Permaculture Educator, specializing in urban design & sustainable living in the City, and have been developing an urban Permaculture design here since 1989. ... My commitment & strength of purpose is constantly renewed by various re-earthing practices, developed through a deep & life-long connection with the earth, & inspired by what has now become widely known as Deep Ecology. Since
retiring, I have become an eco-hermit, & developed this website dedicated to Re-Earthing the World's Cities.

The pages about WWII really brought home what is missing now from our leadership: a concerted campaign to educate and encourage people to embrace sustainable practices. Even though it may be too late to avoid a crash, everything we can do now will only help. And there are many policies that could make a difference. One of my favorites is to reduce the speed limit back to 55 mph. Besides saving gas and lives, it would also reduce the stress I experience driving on one of the busiest freeways in the U.S., where 18-wheelers regularly whiz by at 70+ mph.

These pages also made me mourn how little I learned about gardening and canning from my parents and grandparents. I missed an opportunity to learn to be more self-sufficient. Sewing is another thing that fits into that category. But it is not to late to learn these skills, and there are many intentional communities that teach them.

The economads Erika, OfeK and baby Momo travel the world from community to community, learning and sharing sustainable skills with their tribe and write a very entertaining EvoluLog about their adventures.

It's been 1619 days since we left Palestine on a mission - to evolve by acquiring first-hand knowledge and experience from people intending to create a new tribal culture. We visit mostly egalitarian green intentional communities and aim to make the most ecological, ethical, and affordable choices as we travel, grow, eat, buy, sell, wear, and live. This is the travelogue of our evolution - this is our EvoluLog!
Besides lots of great pictures and a dry wit, they provide an inside peek at a variety of communities. Its definitely worth a look!

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