Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What Portland is doing about Peak Oil

Energy Bulletin posted about Portland's Peak Oil Group today. I found it very inspiring. They started out as a Meetup group (probably before it got so expensive) and now they do events several times a month.

We’ve come together to try to:

  • Develop individual and collective strategies to cope with this crisis
  • Create awareness in the Portland community about Peak Oil
  • Influence policies of local government to help mitigate the crisis
  • Serve as a community resource as the crisis becomes more severe

They have an active outreach subcommittee and can do presentations. Their website is a clearinghouse for information. They have a great newsfeed page. And I am going to take advantage of their downloads page so I can listen to interviews while I am on the road this weekend (more about that tomorrow). I may even read their listserve archives to get a sense of what a community coming together is all about.

Power to the People!

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