Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Energy Vulnerability Summit in California

I am heading back to California to further my education, so will be off line for a short while. I will be assisting at an energy summit. Here is the blurb from the Post Carbon Institute newsletter about it:

Energy Vulnerability Summit: Can Local Public Policy Support a Competitive and Sustainable Economy in the Face of Rising Energy Costs?
–May 19 – 8:30-3:30 – Petaluma Community Center – Petaluma, California

The Energy Vulnerability Summit will provide a forum for North Bay elected and appointed officials to explore the local implications of rising energy costs. Richard Heinberg will discuss the main factors influencing energy costs and supplies and Julian Darley will give examples of on how other communities are preparing to diversify their local energy supplies through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. This first session is limited to
elected and appointed officials only, but a follow-up summit is planned for September 29 that will include business leaders and the public. For further information contact coleader@ecoleader.org or (707) 578-9133

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