Monday, May 08, 2006

A query

Mr. Logan and I have been discussing the question of how to inform people about peak oil. I have been of the opinion that people don't want to hear bad news which leads to resistance. He thinks another factor may be coming into play. It is illustrated by a CNN poll released today:

A total of 61 percent blamed "unethical behavior" by people involved in the production of oil and gas for the price increases, which have driven the average U.S. price for self-serve regular gasoline to nearly $3 a gallon.

Another 26 percent said the market forces of supply and demand were responsible.
Mr. Logan explained that there is a point of view that says we do not have a real shortage of oil, the oil companies are manipulating supply in order to get the biggest profits. Along this line of thinking Matthew Simmon's position as an industry insider becomes a liability to his credibility instead of an asset, as he would be supporting the view that there is a shortage because he would gain from it.

The argument that has worked for me is that the oil companies don't want to say there is a shortage to their stockholders, so they would minimize this.

What do you say to people who think it's a conspiracy?


nulinegvgv said...


I have been considering my own energy outputs lately. It seems that as Derrick Jensen is fond of saying, "the good part about everything being so screwed up is that there is so much to do." I seems there’s too much too do- at least for me to do. I have been struggling to adjust my efforts. Do I learn how to build my own shoes? Do I stand on the corner and preach? Do I follow the oil production data daily? We can discuss my direction further but my point is more about what I have decided not to do. I have written that learning about peak oil and energy decent is very similar to the grieving process one goes through after experiencing a great loss. Denial comes first. Then Anger. Then Bargaining. After that Depression. And finally Acceptance. I don’t think there’s much anyone can do for those people experiencing the first three. I offer my advice/knowledge/resources to anyone interested in talking about energy issues- I just sent an email in response to a question by a congressional candidate. BUT, I have stopped wasting my time trying to convince Denying, Angry, and Bargaining folks that they aren’t seeing the big picture. It has yet to work once.

A shorter answer to your question is there’s not much you can say. Focus your energy on those who are ready to listen. They’re the ones who are worth it.

Liz Logan said...

Thanks nulinegvgv,

very wise words. I appreciate that you took the time to share.