Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another resource

I came across another Peak Oil resource in my research last night: Surviving Peak Oil. It includes articles from multiple writers, a comprehensive annotated bibliography, periodic news items, and a book store. It started as a
... result of the public response to the following article from Dale Allen Pfeiffer. In this article he quickly describes the critical problems which are soon to impact the lives of everyone on this planet. He attributed these problems to consumer capitalism and to power disparities. And he solicited advice on how people of limited means can cope with what is to come.

The ideas contained on this site are for practical implementation on a family or small community level. The object is to empower people to create a sustainable future for themselves, rather than lobbying governments and corporations, which are unlikely to seek effective and equitable solutions.

The material offered on this web site is a work in progress. We invite you, the readers, to offer advice and constructive criticism about all the material contained here, or make novel suggestions of your own. It is hoped that all of us, working together, propel humanity into an equitable and sustainable future where life and society can be a celebration of quality.
The articles are written by experts in their fields. They cover everything from "Facing the New Dark Age" to "Homeland Security equals Free Range Chicken and a Good Dog." What is really interesting about them is they include commentary by the readers. Not only does this expand of the material, but it provides an insight into what others are thinking about these issues.

I especially appreciated their library section, which listed relevant books and commented on their content. They have a rating system to help folks with limited funds make appropriate choices.

Check it out!

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