Sunday, July 31, 2005

"Outsiders" and "Insiders"

This weekend the Oil Drum's commentator's thread discussed the problem of making peak oil "outsiders" (those who don't know about peak oil) into "insiders." (Thanks to Lou Grinzo for the terms.)

Jokerman said "we need to focus on more facts and less rants."

Odograph suggested that blogs have a "'floating' top story" to introduce newbies to the basics.

Step back countered that outsiders "respond to low level triggers on their base emotions: fear, anger, family and nation." Later he talked about "the Cassandra syndrome. (check out ) Some in a society SEE things but the rest do not want to hear them or believe them."

JimBobRay thought of a plastic toy in the shape of an oil barrel: "We call this little barrel 'The Last Barrel'. Similar to the Pet Rock craze, we wrap the barrel in a little box. Then we add some literature, with nice pictures, describing how we've squandered our billion year gift from nature, what the future holds if we continue on this path, and how we can extricate humanity from this dilemma. We make it attractive to every child."

Freyer suggested a video game: "SimPeak (name needs to be better). A lightly graphic simulation application which allows the user to run global simulations and watch outcome from varying various worldwide economic and resource scenarios. The program would be distributed for free! And would provide links to additional information as scenarios were played out. (perhaps as references to simulation sources or for further reading)."

Philip Martin thought of getting Bono on the bandwagon.

Ianqui suggested starting a blog and getting buy in before slipping in peak oil info.

Wayne Wiltanen votes for a feature film ("with good science"). Oil Storm and The Deal were offered as examples.

What I would like to add is Eclipse Now. The site has basic information about peak oil and free flyers that you can print out and post in your neighborhood that will refer people to the website so they can find out about it. This is a great way to raise awareness.

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