Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The 2nd Community Solutions Conference on Peak Oil

Stuart Staniford over at The Oil Drum posted his thoughts on the Second Community Solutions Conference on Peak Oil that happened this weekend in Ohio. He admitted to experiencing culture shock at the rural location and the "eco-sustainability wing of the peak oil movement." I identify with that wing, so I read his perspective with interest. Its good that we talk to each other.

He talked about Yellow Springs, where it was held and its Midwest characteristics: "decaying industry, all the jobs moved to Asia, big petro-agriculture." But,. aside from the cold, it might be a good place post-peak for growing food.

He shared his impressions of Richard Heinberg, who gave the keynote address. After hearing the audience's response to Q&A about nuclear power ("not a major part of the solution"), Stuart reflects on the problem that returning to a low energy way of life still doesn't answer the problem of feeding 10 billion people. He doesn't see die-off as an option.

He had a generally sympathetic response from TOD's readers. One issue that was addressed was the benefits of vegitarianism or veganism on the acreage-needed-for-food footprint. The need for nuclear energy was another theme. If you have a moment, check it out. Heinberg's address is worth a look-see as well.

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