Saturday, September 03, 2005

Today's links

To be honest I am just too disheartened to write much today. I am just going to post some links that resonated with me.

From the Boston Globe (via Energy Bulletin), a post by the editors of Grist Mill. (I know, its about time I had something of theirs on here.) . "...[I]t's time for us ordinary citizens to get active, too. Time to call our legislators, show up at city council meetings, write letters to the editor. After all, everyday Americans outnumber energy company executives by a ratio of roughly a bazillion to one -- so let's make sure the dialogue reflects that, and that our needs get proportionate attention."

From From the Wilderness: "Bottom line: my assessment is that New Orleans is never going to be rebuilt and that US domestic oil production will never again reach pre-Katrina levels."

From Planetizen (via worldchanging): "A strategy for retrofitting sprawl across the board regardless of existing densities and without absolute reliance on new construction and public transit must be found. I've called this the smart sprawl strategy..."

From deconsumption: Remembering Oil Shockwave, "an ultra-high level brainstorming conference which met a couple months ago to discuss the question of just what exactly might happen if a substantial disruption occurred to the American oil infrastructure."

From Slate (via Flying Talking Donkey): "A former deputy chief of FEMA told Knight Ridder Newspapers yesterday (Sept. 1) that there 'are two kinds of levees—the ones that breached and the ones that will be breached.' A similar aphorism applies to broadcasters: They come in two varieties, the ones that have gone stark, raving mad on air and the ones who will."

From how to save the world (also via Flying Talking Donkey) "Feeling anxious and short-tempered these days? I've noticed it everywhere since the news of Katrina's destruction and aftermath has sunk into public consciousness."

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