Friday, September 23, 2005

Disaster preparedness

The Energy Bulletin put up a post by the Christian Science Monitor that got me thinking about a topic close to my heart: disaster preparedness. Everyone should have what they need to survive if help doesn't come for 72 hours. People in hurricane country should have what they need to get through two weeks.

After living through the Loma Prieta Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989 I began to take this seriously. In my house I had flashlights, a radio, batteries, water (1.5 gal. per person per day) gloves and sturdy shoes (helpful for clambering around in debris). Since moving to Georgia which has occasional tornadoes I have added an extensive first aid kit, and sanitation and hygiene supplies (i.e. toiletries), cash, and an emergency evacuation binder.

There is plenty more to do, actually (I'm looking at the Emergency Supplies Checklist at the FEMA site). But I feel better having taking action.

Let me tell you about my binder. It has:
  • a page protector (get the multiple page kind) full info about my meds
  • phone numbers and copies of my relevant business cards (I just took my binder page for cards and copied it)
  • emergency info (lists of kits to build and first aid information for people and pets)
  • photocopies of what is in my wallet, my bank accounts (doesn't have to be current, I just need the numbers)
  • health and auto and home insurance packets
  • certificates: birth, marriage (death), name change
  • other legal documents
Its red and labeled "vital records" so I can grab it and go.

The next step would be to add food (my pantry is pretty full) including tools to make it edible: a can opener, and a stove and fuel (we have a grill at least). The Healthy Hurricane/Disaster Cookbook could come in handy as well.

Here are some of the supply sites I have bookmarked:
Major Surplus & Survival
South Summit Outdoor Gear and Emergency Preparedness
The Internet Grocer
Survival Acres
AAOOB Storable Foods

and for information about food storage, the LDSs have a great website:
Provident Living

There is a lot more available on the net as well. You might want to consider Googling "bug out kits" to prepare for a quick get-away.

Put together a kit for yourself, even if its just flashlights and water. You'll feel a lot better, I promise!


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